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Customized Healthcare Plans for Your
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Healthcare Insurance is a necessary asset for employers, especially following the establishment of the Affordable Care Act. Many individuals look to their employers to help them secure the coverage they need to comply with the regulation. While not all businesses are required to offer employee healthcare insurance, doing so can help ensure that your company complies with ACA guidelines. Additionally, some employers use this opportunity to provide employees with benefit plans that go above and beyond the basic ACA coverage mandates, hoping to attract and retain top candidates and quality workers. Regardless of your business needs, Kaw Valley Insurance makes it a priority to help employers with any challenges related to employee benefits and health coverage.

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Group Medical, Dental and Vision Plans.

KVI specializes in finding the insurance plans to meet each clients’ needs at the most reasonable cost available. Thus, KVI provides the services to find an insurance plan to fit any group, regardless how large or small. Typically, we can customize plan designs to fit the client’s specific needs. In addition, we take special consideration towards networks when choosing plans. As a result, clients are ensured access to the doctors and health facilities they desire.

What We Offer.

Self-Funded insurance plan icon


For extended flexibility and cost control, you have the option to self-fund your employee health insurance.

Fully Insured plan icon

Fully Insured

Choose a more traditional route and pay fixed carrier premiums based on number of enrolled employees.

Level Funded insurance plans icon

Level Funded

Choose to maintain a level premium with the many advantages of a self-funded insurance plan.

Association Plans icon

Association Plans

If you are a small business or self-employed, partnering with other business or individuals can help you save.

HSAs and HRAs icon

HSAs and HRAs

Create health savings accounts for your employees to cover additional medical expenses not covered by insurance.

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Dental Plans

In addition to medical insurance, you can provide additional dental coverage for your employees.

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Vision Plans

In addition to medical insurance, you can choose to provide quality vision insurance for your employees.

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Supplemental Plans

Provide supplemental plans to meet specific employee needs at no additional cost to the employer.

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